Who are we?

In the movie V for Vendetta, Evey Hammond answers who V was, “… he was my father. And my mother… my brother… my friend. He was you… and me. He was all of us.”

I think that describes the best blogs. Yes, they contain the passion of those who start it, but it takes on dimension when others join in and become a part.  In case you are joining in a little later than our launch, our first posting is copied below:

Greetings and welcome to the madness that is Déjà Geek. That lovely, geeky thing or person–was it from your youth? Or is it an inkling of what will be? Are you ahead of your time or has time lapped you while you were daydreaming?

So many questions and a dearth of answers here. We’re enjoying the journey. The why–well that’s just an artificial construct of our minds to lend meaning where it was never meant to exist. Embrace the madness and keep your hands and arms inside at all times.

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