Everyone Loves a Slinky!

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinketty sound?
A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing,
Everyone knows it’s Slinky.

I admit it, I am getting a slinky this year for Christmas. I asked for it. Decades later, I still sing the Slinky jingle (actually, there are several).

Walking down stairs was Slinky’s superhero power. However, one of the most fascinating things to me about the Slinky was it’s slinketty sound. Perhaps it could be described as a metallic rustle. I found it both soothing and sibilant. The lack of that sound is why I never liked plastic Slinkies.

Did you ever get one tangled? I have to admit I did on several occasions. About 75% of the time, if I were patient, I was able to untangle it. However, some Slinkies died in the Tangle Of Doom (TOD).

Here is the Slinky I am getting:

Copper 70th Anniversary Slinky

It’s a 70th Anniversary edition and sings the jingle! No, I am not 70. Mine came from Montgomery Ward’s. Where is your favorite Slinky buying resource?

Enjoy the Slinky Commercials:

1960s Slink Commercial (glad they took the clown mention out of the 70′s version). Thanks to OfficialSlinkyToys

1970s Commercial Thanks to Musicom67

Toy Story revived Slinky Dog. This is a cool history of Slinky Dogs. Thanks to TheToyChannel

What’s your Slinky story?

A Welcome and a Warning

Greetings and welcome to the madness that is Déjà Geek. That lovely, geeky thing or person–was it from your youth? Or is it an inkling of what will be? Are you ahead of your time or has time lapped you while you were daydreaming?

So many questions and a dearth of answers here. We’re enjoying the journey. The why–well that’s just an artificial construct of our minds to lend meaning where it was never meant to exist. Embrace the madness and keep your hands and arms inside at all times.

Oscar Wilde- a brilliant man who took his own route and was far too astute for his own good.